Neurological rehabilitation

We provide assessment and rehabilitation for a variety of neurological conditions including acquired brain injury and stroke.

The Christchurch Rehabilitation Programme is a bespoke rehabilitation plan developed collaboratively by our interdisciplinary therapy teams to maximise recovery and independence and minimise the effects of the condition on an individual's cognitive, social, emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

Residents, families and the therapy team work together to establish long and short term objectives, goal setting and lifestyle planning. We also provide guidance about community activities which may complement hobbies and interests.

Evidence-based clinical outcome measures are used to assess and monitor the progress of our residents - from the Functional Independence Measure/ Functional Assessment Measure (FIM/FAM), Goal Attainment Scale (GAS), Rehabilitation Complexity Scale (RCS), Northwick Park Dependency Scale (NPDS), Northwick Park Care Needs Assessment (NPCNA) to the Modified Overt Aggression Scale (MOAS). We can undertake the Sensory Modality Assessment and Rehabilitation Technique (SMART), and similar assessments for those in persistent vegetative or minimally conscious states.