Neurological rehabilitation

Rehabilitation provided at Christchurch Group aims to maximise independence and recovery, equipping patients with the skills to return home or to a supported environment, achieving rehabilitation goals that promote re-enablement and enhance quality of life.

We develop person-centred, evidence based rehabilitation programmes, delivered by an interdisciplinary therapy team, which focus on improving functional independence, motivation, cognitive and executive functioning, confidence and the ability to undertake daily living activities such as washing, dressing, cooking and shopping. We support residents through all stages of the rehabilitation process - from acute rehabilitation until they are able to be discharged back to their own homes.

A broad range of accommodation options enable individuals to be supported within centres, small transitional living units, bedsits and flats. We also provide day services for individuals who do not require treatment within a residential setting, as well as short respite breaks. We can also provide enhanced respite packages which offer ‘top-up’ rehabilitation for individuals who have been through the rehabilitation process, are living back at home, but want to maintain their independence and life skills.

Our facilities are located in the heart of their communities, providing easy access to a broad range of amenities, educational and occupational opportunities and social and leisure pursuits. Residents benefit from a friendly, supportive and homely environment in an atmosphere that is conducive to rehabilitation.