Neurobehavioural rehabilitation

Christchurch Group supports clients who, as a result of their injury, illness or disease, present with behaviours that challenge, or behaviour which might put themselves or others at risk.

Our specialist teams understand the behavioural complexities which may result from neurological conditions and we support individuals to regain skills and abilities and at the same time address the behavioural difficulties.

We work to monitor, regulate and reduce the episodes of behaviours that challenge, or present as inappropriate. We also help individuals develop emotional and social information processing strategies to enhance techniques for effective behaviour change. Through on-going observation and re-evaluation we measure the progress of each individual, and adjustments are made to rehabilitation pathway to maximise the patient’s progress towards recovery.

Neurobehavioural rehabilitation is provided at all Christchurch Group locations. At Hunters Moor in Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Birmingham, the 10 bed Olive Carter Unit specialises in neurobehavioural rehabilitation for those with behaviours that challenge, including those requiring sectioning under the Mental Health Act.