We’re supporting Swallowing Awareness Day

Swallowing Awareness Day highlights how dysphagia can affect people’s lives and how speech and language therapy can help transform negative experiences into positive ones.

There are many conditions that can affect a person’s ability to swallow but it is our belief that every individual should have the support enabling them to eat and drink safely.

Dysphagia is a medical term for swallowing difficulties and is estimated to affect around 12 per cent of the population. It can affect people who have Motor Neurone Disease, Huntingdon’s Disease, stroke patients, people with multiple sclerosis, a traumatic brain injury and other conditions.

Eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties have potentially life-threatening consequences. They can result in choking, pneumonia, chest infections, dehydration, malnutrition and weight loss. They can also make taking medication more difficult and they can lead to a poorer quality of life for the individual and their family.

Swallowing Awareness Day (Wednesday 14 March 2018) is an opportunity to bring attention to swallowing disorders and to connect people with speech pathologists, the professionals who can help.

Dysphagia can affect people at any stage of their lives and speech and language therapists support and enable them to eat and drink safely.

Our service users can benefit from our tailored care packages in order to maximise independence and recovery, equipping residents with the skills to return home or to a supported environment, achieving rehabilitation goals that promote re-enablement and enhance quality of life.

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