The Importance of Setting Goals

Goal setting can be more effective than we think. A quote from an expert on the subject, Philanthropist and Author Tony Robbins said, “setting goals is the first step of turning the invisible into the visible”, a great description in my opinion. Following are five other reasons that goal setting is important.

1. Goals help you determine what you want. The act of setting goals forces you to think about what you actually want to achieve. If you set big goals for your future, whether they’re lifestyle, career or anything else, you can then break these down into smaller attainable goals that will aid reaching that end goal.

2. Goals help you track your progress. If you don’t have an end goal, there is no way for you to follow your own progress on reaching your end goal. Measuring your progress is rewarding and will help you to stay motivated. You will be able to see that even if you’re not there yet, you’re closer than you were when you started.

3. Goals inspire you. Setting goals will fuel your ambition and help you to inspire yourself, why would you try and make your dreams a reality if you didn’t believe that they could be? Setting a goal makes your dream more than just an idea in your head, helping you work towards it.

4. Goals help you to live life to the fullest. Taking the time to set goals means you always have something you want to work towards. There is so much to experience in life and setting goals will motivate you to put the work in to achieve the end goal. This also goes for personal goals; you will always be looking for and working towards things to improve your quality of life and happiness.

5. Goals will help you to get over mental blocks. For example, procrastination. Say you want to spend less time on social media and be more productive with your time, set this as a goal and track your social media usage. When you check and you’ve had 30 minutes less on social media, it will feel rewarding and you can challenge yourself to beat that time tomorrow.

In conclusion, goal setting can be beneficial to anyone and can help you on your journey to achieve whatever you want too, big or small. Get a notebook and a pen, think about what you want, write it down and achieve it.

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