It’s National Gardening week!

This week (April 30th – May 6th) is National Gardening Week, and this presents a fantastic opportunity to get green fingered and embrace the great outdoors.

National Gardening Week was launched seven years ago by the Royal Horticultural Society and aims to become the country’s biggest celebration of gardening. This year is all about sharing your passion for plants.

The health benefits of gardens and gardening are broad and far ranging. Gardening can play an active role in promoting good health and preventing ill-health and could have long-term implications for reducing healthcare costs.

Access to gardens and gardening has been linked to reducing depression, loneliness, anxiety and stress. Gardening is one of the most potent stress-relieving activities there is and leads to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than other activities, including reading. Also, pulling weeds, reaching for various plants and tools, and twisting and bending as you plant will work new muscles in your body and help with strength, stamina, and flexibility.

At Christchurch Group, we encourage service users to spend time outdoors, as it’s proven to improve their sleeping and eating patterns, reduce dependency on others and can help them cope more effectively with some of their symptoms.

Whatever you decide to do this week, it’s a great excuse to spend some time outside; why not look at the official website,, for inspiration?

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