What our residents and families say


I would like to express my thanks to the team at Park House for the excellent care they provided for my nephew.  He has recently moved to a more independent living accommodation which is something we were told by his previous care providers would be unlikely to happen.  This is the successful result of the rehabilitation provided by Christchurch Group.


Thank you for all the support for our daughter over the transition period and since she has arrived at Abington View and for your prompt, ongoing and reassuring communication with us.


It is a great comfort to be able to envisage where he is in my mind’s eye and to know he is the recipient of much kindness from you.  Thank you once again for all you are doing for him.  It is a relief to see him so content.


Modern, clean and tidy premises.  As far as the staff are concerned we cannot speak too highly.  When we look back, there are so many examples of the Hunters Moor team going above and beyond their normal duties to assist.


The care and therapy he received from you all at Woodlands, York was second to none and he is making steady progress.