Professor Mike Barnes on new film ‘Concussion’ with Will Smith

Concussion, a new film starring Will Smith tells the story of Nigerian-born forensic pathologist Dr Bennet Omalu, who identified a particular form of brain damage while undertaking an autopsy of former American footballer Mike Webster. Dr Omalu coined the term chronic traumatic encephalopathy to describe the type of traumatic brain injury caused by frequent concussions, common to NFL players.

Consultant Neurologist and Christchurch Group brain injury expert Professor Mike Barnes welcomes the film and the light it shines on the devastating impact of concussion in sport.

Professor Barnes said, “Concussion in contact sports is a major concern. It is just being recognised as an issue and Concussion, the new film on the subject will raise the issue with a wider audience. This is important as the UK is lagging behind the States in both recognition of the problem and in putting in to place appropriate safeguards.

The recent incidents in the Premier League serve to confirm that the issue is not being treated seriously enough by many sports governing bodies. If those bodies do not put serious safeguards into place soon then I would encourage the Government to do so for them.”

Recent good work to highlight the issue has included the ‘If in doubt, sit it out’ campaign fronted by Former England Rugby Union captain Lewis Moody.

Watch the Concussion trailer online. The film is released in the UK on 12 Feburary 2016.

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