We are passionate about rehabilitation which maximises independence and recovery, so residents can return home and live more independent lives. With an average length of stay of 5.7 months for rehabilitation and with 85% of our residents being discharged to live more independently at home, our goal-oriented approach ensures that everyone works towards the best outcome for the individual.

Successful rehabilitation reduces the length of hospital stays and the lifetime costs of care, with research-based evidence proving the effectiveness of specialist rehabilitation for people with traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries and stroke.

We work closely with the NHS, funding authorities, the resident and their family to ensure that there is a smooth transition when being admitted to and when leaving Christchurch Group. The length of the resident’s stay will vary according to the aims agreed on admission and the individual potential of each resident. Nationally recognised outcome measures monitor and record progress and are produced for resident reviews and in the discharge reports produced for each resident. Christchurch Group can accommodate adults aged over 18 years old. - WATCH: Professor Mike Barnes introduces the importance of goal setting for good outcomes in neurological rehabilitation. Make a no-obligation referral to Christchurch Group.