Paralymic sport of Boccia comes to Woodlands in York

On Wednesday 8 June 2016, local representatives from Boccia England are hosting an Introduction to Boccia at Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation centre in York.

Boccia England’s gold-medal winner Beth Moulam will be speaking about her experiences playing for the England team and residents, friends and family and staff will have the opportunity to try the fun, tactical and nail-biting Paralympic sport for themselves.

Boccia (pronounced ‘Bot-cha’) is a disability sport designed for participants with severe disabilities. Players propel balls to land close to a target ball (the jack). If a player is unable to throw or kick the ball, they can use a ramp. If players are unable to release the ball with their hands, they can use assistive devices – head/hand pointer.
Boccia is a fully inclusive sport and can be adapted to suit the abilities of each individual player. Inviting Jorvik Boccia to Woodlands to introduce the sport to the therapists and residents and will further help patients regain their independence following severe injuries and neurological conditions.

This event is open to residents, family and friends and staff from across Woodlands and Christchurch Group. Watch a film all about Boccia to learn more.

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