Individuals are supported by an integrated care pathway through each stage of the rehabilitation process from acute rehabilitation to community outreach in their own home. This ensures continuity of care and a smooth transition between services, including comprehensive discharge planning.

Christchurch Group centres offer a range of accommodation to reflect the developing independence of residents, including en-suite bedrooms, bedsits, independent living flats, transitional living units and small community houses.

The rehabilitation pathway sets out what should occur during the specified period using evidence-based guidelines. The interdisciplinary team work closely together to develop, monitor and evaluate outcomes to ensure that residents reach their rehabilitation goals where possible.

Rehabilitation plans focus on the cognitive, social, emotional, psychological and physical effects of the condition and consider the individual’s long and short-term goals. There are sometimes occasions when people are unable to move home or into supported accommodation due to having complex needs which will not improve.

For these residents, longer-term community placements are provided, with individual care plans designed to maintain levels of independence and facilitate a high quality of life with opportunities to take part in meaningful social and occupational activities. Christchurch Group can provide rehabilitation for individuals who are subject to detention under the Mental Health Act and move them through the rehabilitation pathway as they progress. Our interdisciplinary teams work collaboratively to monitor, regulate and reduce episodes of challenging behaviour and help individuals develop strategies and techniques for effective behaviour change.