Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

At Woodlands in York and Hunters Moor in Birmingham, Christchurch Group can accommodate medically stable individuals with spinal injuries. Christchurch Group is one of the very few centres in the UK which provides both physical and behavioural rehabilitation for those with spinal injuries. In Birmingham, Mr Wagih El Masri leads spinal injury rehabilitation. In York, Mr Firas Jamil leads the Transitional Ventilation Unit, which provides rehabilitation for up to four individuals who require a ventilator to breathe. Spinal injury rehabilitation at Christchurch Group focus on increasing an individal's functional independence. Depending on the level of the spinal cord injury, the team work together to set goals based on bed mobility, transfers, wheelchair mobility skills and performing other activities of daily living. - WATCH: Professor Mike Barnes, Group Clinical Director discusses spinal injuries, recovery and rehabilitation. - WATCH: Mr Firas Jamil, Spinal Injury Consultant at Christchurch Group explains the workings of a tracheostomy following a spinal injury.