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We will arrange an assessment from one or two members of our team to see if the individual would benefit from a period in the unit. At this stage we are looking to see what goals a client and their family would like to achieve and if we have the skills to help. We can also arrange a pre-admission visit so that the client and carers can see the facilities we offer. If everyone agrees that a client would benefit from our treatment, we will arrange an admission date.

The length of stay will vary according to the resident, their goals and outcomes required. Residents can stay until their rehabilitation potential is reached and a permanent home is found for them. Decisions will be made following discussions with, and the involvement of, the individual, their family and funding authorities.

Residents receive intensive individualised rehabilitation from revelvant members of the multi disciplinary team. A goal orientated approach is used to ensure all team members are working together to achieve rehabilitation aims that relate to the aims of each individual. The aims may relate to physical progress, functional ability and independence, leisure and work activities, interaction and communication with those around them and re-integration into the community.

A ‘key worker’ is assigned to each client. The role of the key worker is to facilitate communication and links with the family and carers, regularly keep them updated about the client’s progress and involve them in the goal setting process if possible. We encourage communication and involvement with families and support networks and value their feedback.

Over 85% of residents return home following a period of rehabilitation at Christchurch Group. Sometimes returning to home is not feasible, due to the level of their disability or home set up, and so residents may be resettled in adapted, supported living environments with appropriate care. Some residents may require permanent placement in a nursing home.