William was 65 years old when he sustained a trauma to his head as a result of a domestic accident. On examination, he was found to have a large cerebral haemorrhage which required surgery.

William made gradual physical recovery during the first six months but he continued to experience confused behaviour. As a result it was felt that a further period of assessment to highlight any specific long term needs and rehabilitation goals within a community service would be beneficial. It was his wife’s ambition for William to return home but she didn’t know what assistance would be needed for this to happen.

William was admitted to Christchurch Group for a 12 week assessment. The interdisciplinary team assessed what would be required to ensure a seamless transition to home. After completing a full assessment and following home visits, advice was provided on adaptations and aids that would ease the transition for William returning home and promoting independence, whilst maintaining his safety. Strategies were provided to encourage William to communicate.

The team worked closely with both William and his wife to ensure that these strategies and aids would be used to their full extent and that William’s wife was fully aware of his needs. Christchurch Group also liased with local agencies to ensure both William and his wife had all the available support needed prior to, and upon, returning home for on-going stability of care on discharge.

After the 12 week assessment, William was successfully discharged home with a full package of care. This involved William having extra support at home at key periods throughout the week, attending day services and also visiting a Christchurch Group centre one day each week. The weekly visit not only provides respite for his wife, but also allows William to continue the rehabilitation and build on the progress he previously achieved.