Working closely with families

A neurological condition impacts not just the individual but can dramatically affect the whole family. We support families by providing advice, support and access to psychology and counselling services.

Family members play a vital role in the recovery of an individual. Before your relative is admitted to one of our centres, we explain fully the processes, therapy and daily activities required to maximise recovery and independence, or in cases of progressive neurological conditions, to maintain functional ability.

Christchurch Group centres have produced positive outcomes for people living with neurological conditions for over a decade, and are committed to maximising the potential for recovery and independence whilst minimising any negative effects of the condition. We provide a person-centred and holistic approach to management and care in order to maximise quality of life and independence. Our individual care plans focus on the cognitive, social, emotional, psychological and physical effects of the condition and take each individual’s long and short term goals and objectives into account.

At Christchurch Group, we are always honest and transparent with families about what recovery and rehabilitation can be achieved. Families can provide our clinical staff with valuable insight into the person’s preferences, values, personality and aspirations.

A family member or significant individual, chosen by the resident where possible, will be invited to attend regular review meetings with the interdisciplinary team and professionals case managing and/or funding the placement. All are involved in reviewing progress and in decisions about care plans, long and short-term goals and planning for discharge. Assigned to each resident is a key worker and a key therapist, who facilitate communication between the family, carers and the funding authority, keeping everyone updated about the resident’s progress and rehabilitation goals.