Gregory’s Story – a journey towards independence

In June 2011, Greg, 39, suffered a fall during a weekend away, hitting his head on a curb. Taken by ambulance to hospital, he fell into a coma and was placed on a life support machine for one month. After three months in hospital, Greg transferred to the Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital and underwent neurological rehabilitation for 13 months. Advised he would never walk again, Greg had no sensation or movement in his left arm and left leg and required intensive support from medical staff and a hoist to aid him getting in and out of bed.

When he became well enough to leave hospital, Greg entered Christchurch Group Hunters Moor for further rehabilitation to increase his independence.

Dr Elie Okirie, Medical Director of Hunters Moor, Jamie Scott, Christchurch Group Behavioural Lead and Greg’s father, Graham Weston joined Greg to tell his story of recovery and rehabilitation – watch the story of his journey towards independence now.

Gregory’s story is the first of a series of residents and former residents we will be producing over the next year.

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