Christchurch Group team up with the National Neurological Rehabilitation Chambers

Christchurch Group has joined forces with the National Neurological Rehabilitation Chambers, a new organisation which brings together medico-legal experts around the country to provide expert witness testimony for injured individuals.

When a person suffers a life-changing injury or illness, expert testimony can provide the courts with evidence to better understand the impact of the injury and subsequent disability.

The two organisations will work together to provide better education and understanding of the impact of brain and spinal injuries and neurological conditions and how neurorehabilitation can improve the outcomes and independence of people with severe disabilities.

Professor Mike Barnes, Group Clinical Director at Christchurch Group said, “I’m really pleased that the National Neurological Rehabilitation Chambers (NNRC) and Christchurch Group are joining forces. NNRC provides expert reports for the Courts on those with severe neurological injury. Often, our experts see the need for an individual to undergo a detailed period of assessment or rehabilitation. Christchurch Group can offer those services in any of its sixlocations around England. So, there is a great logic in combining forces for the benefit of those with severe disabling injuries and disabilities.”

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