Christchurch Group Join the Restraint Restriction Network

We are very pleased to announce that Christchurch Group, part of the Active Care Group are now members of the Restraint Reduction Network as well as being in the very final stages of Becoming an BILD ACT Accredited, Affiliate Organisation!

The RRN is a registered charity which helps to bring together organisations that provide education or health and social care services. The RRN’s vision is to make a real difference in the lives of people by educating and developing standards and practical tools which support the reduction of all forms of restrictive practice. By joining the RRN, we pledge to respect, protect and promote the rights and human rights of staff and patients alike.

Christchurch Group will continue to build on educating our staff in capturing data more effectively, using evidence based therapeutic approaches from a Human Rights, Trauma Informed perspective with a view to improve both objective and subjective quality of life for our service users.

The RRN has access to learning tools such as online webinars, infographics, and a members-only platform where you will be able to access the RRN knowledge hub and here you can interact with other members in an exclusive, supportive forum.

By joining the organisation, all employees will have access to conferences and events at a discounted price. Our success will be measured by monitoring and auditing all aspects of received data within the organisation.

We want to continue to build upon the hard work Christchurch Group do everyday and embrace the societal shift towards online and electronic methods for data capturing. All data used is in adherence to the UK GDPR framework. Our pledge is to ensure a minimum of 85% compliance levels in all mandatory aspects of training related to Reducing Restrictive Practice.

Christchurch Group will now have exclusive access to the RRN’s member logo which will be available to use on our website and email footers to demonstrate our commitment to the pledge.

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