Christchurch Group join the Active Care Group

Christchurch Group, part of the Active Care Group, has rebranded in line with the wider Active Care Group rebrand launched in June 2020.

Christchurch Group joined the Active Care Group in 2019, becoming part of the UK’s leading national provider of complex care. As an award winning neurological rehabilitation specialist, Christchurch Group are proud to achieve life-changing, evidence based outcomes for adults with neurological conditions resulting from injury, illness or disease.

This new branding recognises Christchurch Group’s membership of the Active Care Group, and celebrates the fact that it is part of a family of highly-specialised integrated healthcare services.

Joining the Active Care Group means we benefit from being part of a wider group.


We have a new, updated logo

Our teams – being part of a wider group means we now have a larger team of experts to aid our service users throughout their care journey and the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes for the people we support. To meet our teams, click here.

Career progression – we provide personal, fulfilling career pathways that enable staff to grow and develop their knowledge and expertise within a supportive Active Care community. We have a wide range of employment opportunities both within Christchurch Group and Active Care Group. Visit our careers page to find out how you can join us, here.

At Christchurch Group, we strive to provide excellent neurological rehabilitation and will continue to work together to develop person-centred, evidence based rehabilitation care plans that aim to maximise the individual’s independence and recovery.

Active Care – it’s what we do, how we work and why we exist.

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