Action for Brain Injury Week 2020

This week, 28th September – 4th October 2020 is Action for Brain Injury Week, organised by Headway, with the theme being memory loss.

The aim of this year’s ABI Week is to raise awareness of the ways in which memory problems can affect brain injury survivors and their families.

Brain Injury affects everyone differently and in various different ways, memory loss being one of them. Memory problems after a brain injury can be life changing and are very different from the usual, everyday memory frustrations many of us experience.

A recent study by Headway – the brain injury association found that 72% of brain injury survivors feel that the people in their life don’t understand their memory problems, and 81% reported that their life would be improved if people had a better understanding of this complex condition.

We asked two of our Service Users what helps them:

Education is important for me, I’m always learning new things. The staff really help me as I have poor memory” – ES

I rely on a structured routine to help me remember what I need to do each day” – SP

For information on memory loss following a brain injury, please visit the resources below:

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