Accessing our services

Referrals are welcome from health professionals, families, social care and personal injury professionals and representatives from Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units.

Christchurch Group staff will arrange to visit the referred individual to assess their needs and find out if they would benefit from a period of specialist neurological assessment and/or rehabilitation. At this stage we are looking to see what goals a resident and their family would like to achieve.

We can also arrange a pre-admission visit so that the individual and their family can see the facilities we offer. If the individual, family, funding authority and Christchurch Group experts agree that they would benefit from a period of rehabilitation, we will arrange admission.

Funding for neurorehabiltiation can come from a variety of sources. At Christchurch Group, placements are funded primarily by the NHS. Social care funding also provides placements with Christchurch Group and agreements for joint funding are common practice. Funding can also come from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, interim payments or settlements of compensation claims following an accident.

Funding can also come from private sources. In many cases, particularly where families refer privately, funding can be obtained through the NHS. To make a referral or discuss funding options, please contact our Referrals team or call 07595 655239.