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Christchurch Group is an award winning neurological rehabilitation specialist. We are proud to achieve life-changing, evidence-based outcomes for adults with neurological conditions resulting from injury, illness or disease.

Established to provide high quality brain injury rehabilitation within a community setting, since 1998 Christchurch Group has expanded its services to include neurobehavioural rehabilitation and specialist complex nursing including spinal injury rehabilitation, ventilated care and the management of progressive neurological conditions.

A leading provider of expert rehabilitation, Christchurch Group has sixteen centres across nine UK locations – York, Lincoln, Birmingham, Northamptonshire, Bedford, Leicester, Tyne and Wear, Surrey and Harwell in Oxfordshire.

20th May 2021

Repeated lockdowns have left the majority of us feeling lonely and isolated, as well as impacting our mental health. However, have you ever thought about the concept of living every single day of your life in a lockdown? For those with brain injuries, living your life in isolation can be an unfortunate reality. During Action for…

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14th May 2021

This year, Mental Health Awareness week is more important than ever to highlight issues we have all been facing over the course of the pandemic. May 10th-16th is a designated time to spread awareness, explore different aspects of mental health, and most importantly to break taboo and start the conversation with those around us, as you never know…

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22nd April 2021

When we experience stress, it is common to blame those frequent headaches or stomach pains on another physical illness. However, stressful situations  trigger a physiological reaction in our bodies causing headaches, feeling of nausea or other symptoms. This is also known as the ‘fight or flight response’. This sympathetic nervous system response is designed to…

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